UberEther’s IAM Advantage Platform Secures DoD Impact Level 5 Authorization to Operate

No alternative text description for this imageWe are excited to announce that UberEther’s IAM (Identity and Access Management) Advantage platform has successfully achieved a Department of Defense (DoD) Impact Level 5 (IL5) Authorization to Operate (ATO). This groundbreaking achievement positions UberEther as a trusted and reliable partner to the DoD, providing secure and compliant IAM solutions that meet the rigorous security standards the United States government sets.

What is Impact Level 5 Authorization?

The DoD Impact Level framework comprises six levels (IL1-IL6), each representing an increased threshold of security measures and controls. IL5 is a significant milestone, as it is the second-highest level attainable and demonstrates that a solution is suitable for handling Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and mission-critical data, including data deemed National Security System (NSS) information.

Achieving IL5 ATO signifies that UberEther’s IAM Advantage platform has been thoroughly evaluated and tested by the DoD and has met stringent security requirements for protecting sensitive information and safeguarding mission-critical systems.

Why is this important for the DoD?

The DoD represents some of the most complex use cases to protect truly mission-critical information in a global context with millions of employees and contractors. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated and persistent, the need for secure and efficient identity and access management solutions has become paramount for the DoD. The UberEther IAM Advantage platform empowers the DoD to:

  1. Enhance security: The IAM Advantage platform helps the DoD prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and resources by providing a centralized and secure method of managing user identities and access.
  2. Improve operational efficiency: Streamlining the process of granting and revoking user access helps reduce administrative burdens and allows the DoD to focus on mission-critical tasks.
  3. Support compliance: By achieving IL5 ATO, the IAM Advantage platform ensures the DoD remains compliant with federal regulations and guidelines governing the protection of sensitive data.
  4. Foster collaboration: With a secure and reliable IAM solution, the DoD can safely collaborate with other government agencies and partners, enhancing their ability to share information and resources securely.
  5. Proven Integrations: Too many federal government customers struggle to integrate directory, identity governance, single sign-on, federation, and privileged access management into a cohesive platform. Many programs take 12-18 months to achieve ATO before any value can be realized. With this platform, we can provide a cohesive, integrated suite of best-of-breed identity products in just days.

What’s next for UberEther?

At UberEther, we are committed to providing our customers with secure and innovative identity and access management solutions. The IL5 ATO is a testament to our dedication to meeting the highest security and compliance standards. Moving forward, we will continue to invest in developing and enhancing our IAM Advantage platform, ensuring it remains at the forefront of IAM technology and security.

Our authorization package has already been sent to the FedRAMP board to achieve reciprocity at FedRAMP High.  UberEther is dedicated to assisting other federal, state, and local government agencies and private sector organizations in achieving and maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. With the IAM Advantage platform now IL5 authorized, we are excited to offer our customers an even more robust and secure IAM solution.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll outline more about each vendor we chose for the platform and how they contribute to our customers’ overall IAM program success. It’s truly a better-together story to provide world-class services in ways that have only been promised previously.

The achievement of a DoD Impact Level 5 Authorization to Operate is a significant milestone for UberEther and the IAM Advantage platform. As a trusted partner to the Department of Defense, we are dedicated to providing secure, reliable, and compliant identity and access management solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. We look forward to continuing our work with the DoD and further contributing to the security and success of their mission-critical operations.

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