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A common denominator for software companies targeting the Federal Government or Department of Defense is that their solutions must be FedRAMP authorized. In fiscal years 2021 & 2022 over 6,000 solicitations required vendors to list their products and/or services in the FedRAMP Marketplace to even place a bid on RFP’s.

Obtaining a FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) is an exhaustive and EXPENSIVE process. Cloud service providers must prove compliance with hundreds of controls and requirements and produce & submit dozens of documents and thousands of pages of documentation.


UberEther removes these roadblocks with our ATO Advantage platform


How many people will this take?
Do we have them on staff?
What happens to other projects if we are re-allocating resources?


How much money will this cost?
How does it affect revenue if release dates are missed?

Encryption Requirements

FIPS 140-2 compliant?
Is our application capable of meeting FedRAMP requirements without major overhauls?

Risk Category

FedRAMP moderate or high?
DOD IL4 or IL5?
What level of FedRAMP do we need and how do we decide?


Which 3PAO to use?
Do we go Agency or JAB?
Is there reciprocity amongst agencies?

Change Control

How do we add new services?
What happens when FedRAMP changes the requirements?

Trusted advisors to the Federal Government & Software Vendors for over 15 years!

UberEther is a leading provider of services to Federal agencies within civilian, DoD, and INTEL including IAM, security operations, and FedRAMP. We deployed the:

We Were The First FedRamp High Application Deployed to AWS

Migrated DHS’ HSIN Platform and External ICAM solution to AWS. External, Internet facing solution for cross agency information sharing.

DHS HQ First FedRamp High GSS Cloud Platform

Utilizing our investments in automation, expanded the platform to host all the applications moving our of the DC2 Data Center.

Streamlining the Process

UberEther provides you with an accredited FedRAMP High / DoD IL5 compliant, private AWS GovCloud tenant, trusted subject matter experts to guide you through the ATO process, and ongoing services that lighten the burden of continuing compliance.


Streamlined Path

UberEther's Accredited FedRAMP High platform (with DOD IL5) gives you a streamlined path to whichever level of FedRAMP you require. FedRAMP Moderate. FedRAMP High, DOD IL4 and DOD IL5


Reduced Cost

Cut down time and costs by 40% with Firm Fixed prices and flexible payment options


Document and Artifact Prepartion

We handle all Documentation and Artifact preparation including your System Security Plan (SSP) and automated POA&M reports.


Rapid Delivery

Platform can be ready for your product in less than one week giving your application the ability to be listed in the FedRAMP Marketplace as quickly as 120 days

We handle the operations

We provide the boundary & all you need to do is deploy your platform!

UberEther delivers over 355 of the required 425+ technical controls out-of-the-box!

Security Controls Coverage

No one else can support out-of-the-box with these controls like UberEther can. This separation of responsibility not only speeds up development time by reducing unneeded complexity in a solution to address security controls, it also speeds up the review and approval of that solution for ATO purposes.

0 +
Overall Controls
0 %
UberEther delivered controls
Client controls reduced to

If every vendor executed with the precision of UberEther the Federal Government would run like a well-oiled machine.  This is a very competent organization and they know how to deliver.

Damon Bragg - Office of the CIO

The UberEther team are true experts in Identity and Access Management. They quickly enabled identity as a service for our entire organization saving millions in implementation. 

Gail Gaukel - NRO
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