An Integrated Identity Platform Delivered in Days, Not Months!

UberEther’s (IAM) Advantage removes the headache and frustrations associated with identity and access management implementations. 

(IAM) Advantage Components

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Simplified

UberEther’s (IAM) Advantage is made up of three different offerings that can be used individually or as part of a complete solution. (IAM) Advantage consists of: 


Configuration as code repositories and customizable workflows to support 100+ IAM use cases. No need to reinvent the (IAM) wheel.


Private, secure, tenant hosting best in class (IAM) solutions. All the on-premise functionality combined with the elasticity of a cloud environment.


Dedicated (IAM) specialists to manage your platform and integrations. Leave the (IAM) glue to us so you can focus on your business and mission.

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Which Solution Works Best for Your Organization?

Regardless of your organizations needs or requirements, (IAM) Advantage has you covered. See how our product offerings stack up.


Not every policy or integration needs to be from scratch, and doing so is inefficient and slow. (IAM) Automated allows you to leverage our pre-integrated DevSecOps pipelines, our Git repositories, and component library with over 100+ use cases already pre-built. Accelerate your business value and identity operations with (IAM) Advantage.

With (IAM) Advantage you can start thinking about how you not only move security to the left by bringing your security and identity practices into DevSec pipelines, but now you can shift those DevSec practices to the right to become more flexible and automated.

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Confident they can secure employee identities
Only 32% of companies are confident in their ability to secure employee identities post pandemic. Down from 49% in 2020.

Is (IAM) Automated Right for Me?

Most clients will find that (IAM) Automated is right for them if: 

Need a Fully Automated Solution

With (IAM) Automated you get a toolkit that allows you to deliver repeatedly in your own environment.

Looking to Make Modifications

With (IAM) Automated you can take and modify only the parts that you need to get the job done. 

Want Complete Control

Make changes on your own, whether you're on VMware, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, or GCP.

Learn if Automated is Right for your Organization

Explore how (IAM) Automated service can help you now


Many organizations have moved into either a managed services or SaaS-based services platform for all their operations. But what if there was a way to get the flexibility of an on-premise solution with the ease of use of a SaaS offering? Uberether’s (IAM) Orchestrated is that solution.

(IAM) Orchestrated is a private tenant, shared-nothing, SaaS platform. Our (IAM) Orchestrated model is FedRAMP High + DoD Impact Level 5 ready. That means we have built our solution around the highest security standards set by the U.S. government. It gives any organization the ability to take advantage of running their identity more securely, efficiently, and effectively with peace of mind that your information is protected.

Note: (IAM) Orchestrated includes all of the benefits and features of (IAM) Automated.

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Saved in Yearly Maintenance
One in three IT leaders are spending at least 50% of their time on administrative identity tasks. Over 60% of respondents said increased automation would be the best way to reduce time spent on identity related tasks that do not require further manpower.

Is (IAM) Orchestrated Right for Me?

Most clients will find that (IAM) Orchestrated is right for them if: 

Need a Security First Solution

(IAM) Orchestrated model is FedRAMP High + DoD Impact Level 5 ready.

Want Efficient and Effective Advantage

Provides organizations the advantage of running their identify more securely, efficiently, and effectively.

Looking for Full Cooperation

We handle integrations, patching, upgrades, and onboarding new solutions so your team can focus on innovation and growth.

Learn if Orchestrated is Right for your Organization

Explore how (IAM) Orchestrated service can help you now


We all know that securing talented IT and identity staff is challenging. Additionally, their plates are usually full and they can be stretched thin quickly. What if you there was a way to not only lift the burden of daily menial tasks like patching and completely outsource your entire platform? Now you can with (IAM) Managed. All you have to do is focus on customer service.

(IAM) Managed handles not only your backend services platform, but the integrations of your current and future applications. We do all the work so your team can focus innovation, growth, and customer service.

Note: (IAM) Managed includes all of the benefits and features of (IAM) Automated and Orchestrated

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Identities Managed
We've operated some of the largest and most secure (IAM) platforms for over a decade. Our expertise ensures we aren't learning on your dime.

Is (IAM) Managed Right for Me?

Most clients will find that (IAM) Managed is right for them if: 

Collective Expertise

We have supported the largest implementations of these products in the world.  It's rare that we encounter s problem that we haven't seen before.  Use our expertise to build on your success.

Professional Team

Product specialists who know the ins and outs of the best in class (IAM) tools. This isn't our first rodeo. We anticipate the problems before they become an issue.

Simplified & Automated

Spend time delivering business value to your organization instead of managing infrastructure, patch upgrades, and hotfixes. We run the playbooks and don't play pickup games.

Learn if Managed is Right for your Organization

Explore how (IAM) Managed service can help you now
All Plans Include

(IAM) Governance

Everything we do drives back up into our overall (IAM) Platform and Program Governance processes. No matter which level is right for you, you subscribe to our shared model as our customer, and we help figure out what's best for your organization.

Roadmap to Implementation

We work with you to define your (IAM) roadmap

Help Define your Objectives

We help define gaps in policies, standards, and directives

Keeping Ahead of Issues

We can pull processes and enablers from our (IAM) Automated platform into your enterprise governance platform


We Have Heard Great Things

Our clients are seeing exceptional results in partnering with UberEther and (IAM) Advantage. Don't take our word for it, see what some of our clients are currently saying about their experience.

If every vendor executed with the precision of UberEther the Federal Government would run like a well-oiled machine.  This is a very competent organization and they know how to deliver.

Damon Bragg - Office of the CIO

The UberEther team are true experts in Identity and Access Management. They quickly enabled identity as a service for our entire organization saving millions in implementation. 

Gail Gaukel - NRO
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