Virtual Chief Identity Officer (vCIDO)

It’s about time identity got the attention it deserves.

Do you have the identity expertise/experience to execute quickly?

The learning curve for IAM can be pretty steep. It requires a very particular set of skills that are acquired over a long career. With a Virtual Chief Identity Officer you prioritize IAM for your organization with someone work with your stakeholders that impact identity.

But I already have a CISO?

Yes, you do, but you also know how big a challenge securing an organization can be. With a Virtual Chief Identity Officer you prioritize IAM with someone to serve at the head of a committee of stakeholders that impact identity.

Achieve run-time security, quickly.

UberEther can be your Virtual Chief Identity Officer.

We can serve as your Virtual Chief Identity Officer, our team of experts will:

That’s just the beginning.

UberEther’s experts will work hand-in-hand with your organization’s leaders to create a tailored identity management plan to ensure your success with identity as the new security perimeter.

See what we can do, take our identity assessment today.

The UberEther and SailPoint Assessment is a survey designed to help formulate an overall identity strategy that accounts for your organization’s current state and future goals.

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