Accelerating Your SailPoint IdentityIQ Development with Docker

tldr; We released a new GitHub repository allowing developers to quickly build a new docker environment to support SailPoint IdentityIQ development. You can find it here:

Testing Identity Governance Solutions

One of the places we have always differentiated ourselves from other teams building identity governance solutions is that we treat each project as a traditional software development project. We focus on managing the source code of the project and integrating builds into continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines to be ...

No BeyondCorp or ZeroTrust Without the Fundamentals

Last night I went to the local ISACA event where Google was talking about their 6-year journey towards their BeyondCorp / ZeroTrust model for security. As we move away from the traditional walled castle of security design to support the federated SaaS and cloud provider models I genuinely believe BeyondCorp ...

Little About Us

We Deliver Solutions. Our team is built differently.  We pride ourselves in simple, repeatable, and elegant solutions that are tested in our labs before they are tested on our customers.  Our products solve problems and fill painful gaps based on real ... Read More »