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PIV-D needs to die. But then what?

Identity access management is the first layer for any viable zero-trust strategy, as it should be. The NIST 800-63-4 Digital Identity Guidelines revision coming out in draft at the end of the year should accommodate

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Oracle API Gateway Silent Install bug

I was getting intimate with the latest( version of Oracle API Gateway aka OAG pka Oracle Enterprise Gateway aka OEG and ran into a speed bump. In my case, I was automating the installation process

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Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 Installation

I created a video guide to help anyone trying to install the latest OAM. Here’s some text to go along with it: Necessary software for installation: Oracle Database (, Weblogic Server (10.3.6), RCU & OIAM

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What is RISE?

It’s been a year since we started UberEther and so far things have been wonderful. Honestly, things couldn’t have gone better. We’re up to a team of five right now with plans to at least

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