Past Events


Phishing-Resistant Solutions: Modern Authentication Strategies for Executive Order Compliance

UberEther and Nok Nok have invited Yubico to join in a follow up to our previous webinar, addressing the executive Order M-22-09 and a FIDO-based approach, to continue discussing strategies to leverage strong, hardware-based MFA credentials in the Federal Government.

During this webinar, featured speakers Matt Topper, Rolf Lindemann, and Alex Antrim covered:

– Government-to-Business MFA options
– Securing the Supply Chain – learn how small to medium sized government vendors can use MFA securely to execute supply contracts
– FIDO2 use cases across the federal government


Future-Proofing Federal IAM with SailPoint IdentityIQ and UberEther

As the digital landscape evolves, so do the challenges and opportunities in identity and access management. This forward-looking webinar showcases how SailPoint IdentityIQ and UberEther's IAM Advantage are setting the pace for the future of IAM in the federal sector. During this webinar we covered:

- Ensure scalability for growing demand
- Gain insights into preparing for the challenges ahead
- Learn how to leverage AI for predictive threat detection

(IAM) Advantage Unleashed: Pinnacle Solutions for Accelerating and Elevating Government Security

To recap, during this webinar we covered:

- Best practices for efficient integration and delivery of identity and security solutions for Zero Trust Architecture
- Why a best-in-class approach is required to drive real identity security value
- Learn how to address audit gaps and meet mandated requirements

Transforming Compliance: Your Fast Track to Federal Markets with UberEther 

To recap, during this webinar, attendees explored how UberEther's ATO Advantage offering is transforming the compliance landscape for software vendors aiming to penetrate federal markets. During this webinar, attendees were able to:

- Gain insights into federal market access
- Understand the depth of support offered by UberEther
- Learn about comprehensive cybersecurity solutions
- Leverage UberEther's agility in compliance

Transforming Authentication: From Executive Orders to Phishing Resistant Solutions

During this webinar, featured speakers Matt Topper and Rolf Lindemann covered:

- How FIDO meets regulatory requirements
- Best practices (Dos and Don’ts) for implementing
- How to quickly enable your agency with phishing-resistant MFA to fulfill these requirements

(IAM) Advantage: Best in Class Solution to Accelerate and Enhance Government Security

Attendees learned how combining these trusted tools makes it easy to:

- Deliver the promised benefits of the last decade and enable the Zero Trust pillars
- Improve security, increase efficiency, and ensure better compliance with EO and RMF Directives
- Reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information
- Streamline access granting and revocation to save time and resources while reducing risk

Mastering Identity Governance: Enhancing Security and Compliance in US Federal Agencies

Many agencies struggle to keep up with recent Executive Orders, Digital Transformation, and Zero Trust Strategies when creating a cohesive platform. Identity is the first pillar of Zero Trust and waiting years to bring together a system that satisfies all your identity-based controls is not an option. UberEther provides the only FedRAMP High and DoD Impact Level 5 platform in a private tenant-managed SaaS environment that can be tailored to your needs. In this webinar, attendees discovered:

- How a pre-integrated, best-of-breed ICAM platform can deliver the promised benefits of the last decade and enable the Zero Trust pillars
- The benefits of ICAM including improved security, increased efficiency, and better compliance with EO and RMF Directives
- How agencies can reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information
- How a managed platform can streamline access granting and revocation, saving time and resources while reducing risk