Oracle HTTP Server & Webgate 11gR2 Installation on Ubuntu

Hey all, this entry consists of the steps I took to install OHS and Webgate onto a 32-bit Amazon EC2 machine running Ubuntu 11.10.

First we need to download libraries:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libaio1 libaio-dev unixODBC unixODBC-dev pdksh expat sysstat libelf-dev elfutils lsb-cxx unzip x-window-system

These links were recommended by others who had installed Oracle software onto ubuntu

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/basename /bin/basename
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/awk /bin/awk

Append these values to /etc/sysctl.conf
kernel.sem=250 32000 100 128
net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range=9000 65500
kernel.shmmax=2147483648 (this is system RAM in bytes)

To activate them, run
sudo sysctl -p

Check your swap space and make sure there is at least 500 MB. Download and install a 1.6 JDK, and then in the directory where the OHS installer has been extracted:

./Disk1/runInstaller -jreLoc /path/to/jdk -ignoreSysPrereqs

The system prereqs that it checks for are valid for RHEL so they can be ignored here, just make sure you’ve got the neceassry packages listed above. I named my installation folder “webtier” Ignore any warnings that pop up during the installation process.

Delete the OHS installer, and extract the webgate insaller to the same direectory. Same command as the last one:

./Disk1/runInstaller -jreLoc /path/to/jdk -ignoreSysPrereqs

I put my webgate in the folder “webgate11g_home”

Now we need to do some configuration.

Navigate to <middleware_home>/webgate11g_home/webgate/ohs/tools/deployWebGate and run the command

./deployWebGateInstance -w <middleware_home>/webtier/instances/ohs_webgate11g/config/OHS/ohs1 -oh <middleware_home>/webgate11g_home

Need to update a library path:
Create a text file /etc/ contatining the text:
# Path to shared libraries provided by Oracle

To activate this change, run command “sudo ldconfig -v”

Change directory to <middleware_home>/webgate11g_home/webgate/ohs/tools/setup/InstallTools
Enter this command
./EditHttpConf -w <middleware_home>/webtier/instances/ohs_webgate/config/OHS/ohs1/ -oh <middleware_home>/webgate11g_home/ -o webgate.conf

Now to register the webgate with the previously installed OAM server. This example assumes that OHS and OAM are on different machines, and we will use the RREG utility.

Go to machine with OAM server on it
Navigate to <idm_home>/oam/server/rreg/client
Extract the tar file
cd ..
cd input
Open OAM11GRequest.xml with a text editor and change the corresponding values to those of your servers:


Save changes and exit.

export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/jdk
cd ..
./bin/ inband input/OAM11GRequest.xml

enter weblogic name & password on prompt

copy cwwallet.sso & ObAccessClient.xml from …/rreg/output/output/oam11g_webgate
to the OHS box: <ohs_home>/instances/ohs_webgate11g/config/OHS/ohs1/webgate/config

restart OHS using opmnctl

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