Identity and Access Management

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  MATT TOPPER – Founder and Solutions Catalyst, UberEther, Inc.

Directories, provisioning, reconciliation, attestation, federation, ABAC, RBAC, PBAC, RaDAC, single sign on, multi-factor, analytics, gateways, web services, OpenID, and OAuth the options for identity and access management solutions continues to grow.  At the same time, Identity and Access Management provides some of the most complex deployment scenarios in the enterprise.  We no longer just have to worry about identities within our own firewalls but also the identities of our partners, vendors, and customers within our domains and across the Internet through our Software As A Service (SaaS) providers.  Users are expecting to bring their own devices (BYOD) to the office and integrate with corporate email systems and applications while IT is challenged with allowing them to do so in a secure manner.


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It’s as simple as that. We deliver simple, repeatable and elegant solutions tested in our labs before they are tested in your space.

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Whether it’s custom COTs, we listen to you and study your needs and requirements.

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We address the real-world pain points you are experiencing.  You can rely on us to get it right the first time.

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We collaborate to solve your unique challenges and specific problems. We don’t add to your headaches. We’ve got your back.

You talk and we listen

You don’t have time to listen to sales talk. You’re looking to get to work. Identity & Access Management is a niche technology with few experienced vendors who have successfully brought solutions to production.  Talk is cheap. You need results.

Our team includes developers, integrators, product, and operations experts with a diverse range of implementations. We’ve architected, planned, developed, deployed, and maintained some of the largest identity management deployments in the world.

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Team up with Experts, Advisors, and Partners

We offer you a flexible, innovative, even creative team that can build, deploy and adapt to your evolving needs and requirements. Our delivery times are scheduled in weeks and months, not years.

Let us help you be the hero of your organization.

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