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Fun Times Integrating SharePoint with Oracle Entitlements Server (Part One)

September 23, 2013 20% Time,Access,Blog 2 Comments

These are the battle scars we talk about.  We gladly take them in the interest of learning and getting better. A few months ago I began a proof-of-concept effort to use OES 11gR2 as a fine grained policy decision point for Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2010.  Site or page level authorization ...

Hello Twine, will your notifications ward off flooding in my basement? Fingers crossed little square turquoise buddy.

Hello everyone, Josh here... I use Twine, courtesy of supermechanical.com, to notify me via Twitter the state of the sump pump that services my home basement egress drain - when the pump is running, when it has stopped running, and if there is more water in the pit ...

Savor Beers: A Little Side Project

Last year a bunch of us went to the Savor Craft Beer event in DC (http://www.savorcraftbeer.com). If you've never been, its a must have trip at least once in your life if you consider yourself a beer lover. One of the challenges we had last year was their website ...

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