Simplify Application Onboarding

Allow application owners to manage their own lifecycle.

Enable Your Business Analysts and Application Owners to Make the Changes They Need 

...In Near Real Time

A Proven Process

We provide templates, processes, and examples for business analysts to integrate their applications.

Save Time

Business analysts can make changes on the fly as business needs change instead of waiting on developers. 

Automated Deployments

Once changes are approved through a two-step approval process, changes can be pushed to production in minutes.

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We provide the tools and processes to enable your application owners .

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Let us help you get more applications onboarded faster.

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Integrate Applications In Minutes 

Integrate new applications from existing templates and quickly add your own business logic. No more editing ugly XML and write custom java rules.

No More Waiting On Developers

Edit workflows and approvals directly in the browser, check in the changes, and test it right away.

Updated at the Speed of Business

Once tested and approved, the code is immediately built and promoted into production allowing your application to be updated in minutes.

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