DevOps Mentoring & Execution

Accelerating the time-to-market of a product or service without impacting quality is the magic formula we strive to define for our customers.  While many organizations have been focused on becoming more agile, many still lag integrating their teams as code moves from development through test and into production.  Even with development of new features being completed faster, an abundant amount of friction exists among developers, testers, operations, and help desk personnel that prevents your solutions from reaching the customer quickly.  Without a focus on communication, automation, and repeat-ability many barriers still exist in delivering a true integrated and agile solution.

Our team has proven that by establishing continuous integration, delivery, security and monitoring practices and tools, we can break down the barriers between team members, increase the team’s pride in their product and ultimately delight the customers with higher quality products which are delivered faster. Through a combination of process re-engineering, solutions engineering  and deployment UberEther has led numerous organizations through their DevOps migration.  Many of our engagements fall into four categories:

  1. DevOps Enablement – DevOps isn’t about new tools and magic software you can buy. It entails looking at your existing integration and deployment pipelines and building efficiencies. Sometimes these are new tools, but many times it’s a more efficient way of communicating priorities and pipeline.  We’ve become really good at finding the stuck points and introducing the right process changes and/or tools to solve the problems. At many of our customers, we’ve been able to take deployments from weeks down to days or hours from code check-in to production. We haven’t hit the mythical minutes within any of our customers, but we’re always improving.
  2. Evolving Architectural Models – Many organizations going down the DevOps path don’t realize that everything from the way you build and deploy servers (physical, virtual or containers) to how you deploy your code will likely change. The shift in the model will cause many existing pieces of the architecture to be questioned and streamlined evolving your team and their deployment processes. From building secure OS baselines, integrating monitoring, alerting, log management solutions, and then building, patching and deploying the software components with automated tools, we have you covered.  We can help overhaul your pipeline and get your team integrating their solutions into the platform and deploying faster and more consistently.
  3. Security Integration – On every team we’ve been on, application security is the last thing talked about, and yet the security team is always an authority to proceed gate for deploying to production.  Even with our government clients, security is often ignored until the last minute and it introduces great delays in team success. Call it Rugged DevOps or SecDevOps or whatever, the key is integrating security early and often in the pipeline with all the components of your architecture.  We have been extremely successful integrating automated security tools into continuous integration and deployment pipelines. Moreover, the security teams have been ecstatic to be integrated into the process that final approvals go much faster and in many cases the approval is already done before we have to ask.
  4. Assessments and Roadmaps – In many cases organizations are just looking for someone from the outside to take a look at where they are and how they can get where they want to be.  Having transformed numerous teams, our team can perform an initial discovery with your team, interview your key stakeholders and team members, review your existing processes and provide a strategic roadmap meet your goals.  We can then continue to work with your organization to ensure a successful roll-out and help measure its effectiveness.

We have decades of experience solving the same development and operational challenges your organization faces daily. By putting our attention on the CAMS pillars, we can revolutionize your development and deployment processes. Lack of standardized practices, long code pipelines, inefficient defect resolution, and nearly non-existent testing and monitoring plague many teams.  Many organizations believe that solving these problems is a pipe dream.  Whether you’re a brand new greenfield project or a large organization of numerous teams looking for efficiencies, let our team help you deliver the best customer solutions you can provide.  Not only will the quality of your software increase and your time to deliver solutions decrease, but your customer will be delighted with your ability to meet their needs in a timely manner.

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