It’s Been a While, RISE and 2-Way (Client Authenticated) SSL

It's been a while since we were back at the blog.  I wish we had a better excuse but to be honest we've been packed with client work.  Everything from leading a few large identity and access projects to building some custom mobile applications.  More on the latter in a few weeks. We've been busy hiring new team members and will be starting one of our RISE (Rapid Identity Solutions and Engineering) programs shortly.  For most of our careers there has been a shortage in talented young identity and access management engineers.  Most of the people we run into are mid or late in their careers and we feel that the industry needs some hungry young blood.  One of our clients is sponsoring a 6 month "bootcamp" of sorts where we are taking 5 team members 0-2 years out of college, pairing them up with 2 of our senior engineers for 6 months and developing some new solutions. One of the first lessons we teach the new team members is about client authenticated SSL.  Many of them don't even know Apache and mod_ssl yet, let alone client authentication.  So we're going to put up a tutorial here on generating a Certificate Authority, ...

Real World Web Service Security at Oracle Open World 2011

Last week Matt presented Real World Web Service Security at Open Open World.  Our team has been securing web services for over 10 years, long before anyone knew what REST was.  The presentation talks about the last 10 years of web service security and where we think the space is going next. Real World Web Service Security (PDF) Thank you to all the customers who came up to say hello during the week.  It was great to see you all and hopefully everyone's trip back home was uneventful.  We look forward to getting back to work solving your problems.

Oracle’s Jump Into the Big Data Realm

Many of you may have seen that Oracle officially announced their new Big Data product offerings today. Included in that list is the Apache distribution of Hadoop, Oracle Loader for Hadoop, Oracle Data Integrator Adapter for Hadoop, the Oracle NoSQL Database, and Oracle's R Enterprise. On the Oracle Big Data pages it seems like there is some confusion as to whether R will run a custom Oracle version or an open source version. Knowing Oracle it may be both. They have been working on a version of R within the Oracle database and might be augmenting it with an open source version on the Big Data appliance. Let's cover what is known so far about the different components. Apache Distribution of Hadoop I'm actually really surprised here.  Larry Ellison has acquired a Mike Olson company, previously Sleepy Cat a.k.a. Berkeley DB, and Mike now runs Cloudera.  I would have bet good money that a partnership would have been formed.  My guess is that Oracle looked at the management tools Cloudera provides and determined that it would be too hard to integrate into their Enterprise Manager product or that Cloudera's price was too high.  Cloudera is leading the ...

Little About Us

We Deliver Solutions. Our team is built differently.  We pride ourselves in simple, repeatable, and elegant solutions that are tested in our labs before they are tested on our customers.  Our products solve problems and fill painful gaps based on real ... Read More »