Our team prides themselves in going after the hard problems.  When someone throws out a challenge and everyone backs away our team is the first to jump on the bomb.  Hard problems are the best for growing skills and challenging minds.  If you aren’t constantly pushing your limits and comfort zone you’re not going to grow as a professional.  Big Data and Identity Management solutions are some of the biggest bombs to hit enterprises in the last fifteen years. We have chosen these as our niches to solve our customers’ problems.  Our team prides ourselves on simple pragmatic solutions that have milestones delivered in weeks.  We test our ideas in our own 20% time instead of on our customers time.

Identity and Access Management

Directories, provisioning, reconciliation, attestation, federation, ABAC, RBAC, PBAC, RaDAC, single sign on, multi-factor, analytics, gateways, web services, OpenID, and OAuth the options for identity and access management solutions continues to grow.  At the same time, Identity and Access Management provides some of the most complex deployment scenarios in the enterprise.  We no longer just have to worry about identities within our own firewalls but also the identities of our partners, vendors and customers within our domains and across the Internet through our Software As A Service (SaaS) providers.  Users are expecting to bring their own devices (BYOD) to the office and integrate with corporate email systems and applications while IT is challenged with allowing them to do so in a secure manner.

Our team has architected, planned, developed, deployed, and maintained some of the largest identity management deployments in the world.  Our managed services offering is able to remove the burden and overhead of extending and maintaining these identity and access management systems while utilizing expert skill sets to get the job completed in a more cost efficient manner. Let us help you to realize the return on investment and additional security that a well managed, professionally maintained identity and access management solution can provide.

Assessment and Roadmap

Discover, Assess and Plan.  Our Assessment and Roadmap services provide your organization with a 15-day assessment of the current state of your organization by reviewing the challenges and goals of the identity and access management solution you wish to build.  We will interview your key stakeholders, understand the business needs, perform a gap analysis and work with the team members to pick path to achieving your identity and access management goals.  The roadmap will provide a path to provide quick wins to your organization, keep stakeholders involved and updated on a regular basis and ultimately achieve the long term identity and access management goals of the organizations.  Identity programs should be developed as a plan and a journey that evolves over many years.  Having a strong roadmap that can be revisited and revised on a regular basis is a key building block to governance success.

Identity and Access Lifecycle Management
Identity and Access Management programs have been well know to miss deadlines and go over budget.  With over 100 projects under our belts we have created a simple and repeatable lifecycle process that consistently delivers solutions on time, on budget and exceeding our customers expectations.  Let our team come in and help make your identity and access management project a success.

Government Services
Many of our team members have experience with the Federal Government and Intelligence Community, building some of the most crucial identity and access control systems deployed.  Let us help you to build a road map and deploy your solutions for controlling your employees and contractors identities both within and outside of your agency across domains and levels.  Our team understands the complexities of integrating systems with PIV cards and PKI certificates with Backend Attribute Exchange (BAE) and X.509 Attribute Sharing Profiles (XASP) in the federal government.