Company History

UberEther, Inc. was formed by a group of like-minded individuals who were tired of working for companies that discouraged the use of words like “solutions” and “success” when dealing with their clients.  We’re not afraid to stick our neck out to guarantee our customers’ success.  We focus on developing rapid solutions to problems with simple and repeatable processes.  Our delivery timelines are scheduled in weeks and months, not years, so that we can build, deploy and adapt to our customers’ changing needs and requirements.

We believe in pragmatic development and automated test cases.  If we see something that is wrong, we fix it.  Good requirements are essential.  They must be defined with solid use cases and not for “what if” situations.  With both Big Data and Identity Management solutions there are so many moving parts that it is impossible to test every single piece manually by hand.  We have all been on projects where a technical change might take a couple days and the testing of that change took weeks before it could be pushed into production.  There shouldn’t be a single functional requirement that cannot be automatically tested.  It might take more time the first time, but it pays in thousands of hours of regression testing and operations and maintenance costs later.

Many of our customers ask us, “What’s up with the name?” Honestly it’s a great question.  Originally the company was set up so that our original team members could have an avenue to moonlight in Ruby on Rails  (RoR) development at night.  We had seen the power of Rails-based testing in our day jobs and it was honestly just a fun language to develop applications.  A friend who has a chemical engineering background pointed out that the general structure for ether is also RoR.  Of course we aimed to provide superior service to our customers, which is where the German word über came from.  Once we got a taste of freedom to say and do the right things for our customers the company was off and running.

Little About Us

We Deliver Solutions. Our team is built differently.  We pride ourselves in simple, repeatable, and elegant solutions that are tested in our labs before they are tested on our customers.  Our products solve problems and fill painful gaps based on real ... Read More »