• Identity and Access Services

    Identity and access management solutions are known for promising large ROIs and disappointing results. Break the big consulting mold and bring on a team with over 100 identity and access management implementations under their belts and make those ROI numbers come true.

    Our team takes the time to understand your actual identity and access management needs and utilizes our experience to quickly deploy your solutions in our datacenter, in the cloud or within your organization. Whether you’re trying to solve access control, authorizations, user account provisioning, attestation or risk adjustable access control, UberEther’s team can help you bring your solution to completion faster.

We are UberEther. A professional software consultancy
specializing in identity management and big data solutions.

Solutions for your business

Our focus is on your big data problems and your identity and access management solutions. Whether you're trying to aggregate your log files to determine assess risk in real time and drive the results back into your access management system or provisioning user accounts into cloud services in real time, UberEther's team will work with your organization to solve your most complex problems.

Fresh,  creative and innovative

Over the last ten years our team has developed our Identity Management Implementation Process. Utilizing our real world experience we have built a series of document templates, installation scripts and test suites to fast track your implementation. We have taken programs that are estimated to take years and implemented the solution in months. Contact us today to talk about how we can help your organization succeed.

Handled by a professional team

Our team grew up in the enterprise environment watching large programs spin out of control with inexperienced resources making complex solutions out of simple problems. We found our pragmatic approach to solutions allowed us to get more solved in less time. We decided to build an environment where we could make our customers successful.